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2600Hz's endless innovation is empowering our partners to bring remote collaboration solutions to market faster than ever. KAZOO — 2600Hz's scalable, open core platform that offers feature-rich UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS, mobile, and remote collaboration solutions — now offers a next-gen desktop app. The app has video conferencing and a WebRTC-based softphone built in, giving users all of their personalized communication information and tools in one place, right on their desktop or laptop. 


KAZOO and the desktop app are enabling business continuity in this era of remote work. Now more than ever, end users need remote collaboration tools that give them the freedom and flexibility to be connected from anywhere, at anytime. 2600Hz's desktop app, video conferencing, and WebRTC-based softphone offer seamless communication and productive collaboration so the distributed workforce can stay connected, be productive, and collaborate at all times. 


Empower Users:
Functionality at their Fingertips


Today’s users demand more control of their communication tools than ever before and need tools that facilitate productive remote work. Administrators are tasked with providing top-notch features while avoiding complicated user interfaces and instructions for end-users. Empower users and give them the functionality they crave in a single UI, straight from their desktop.


Transform the Remote Collaboration Experience

Offer a secure, reliable, and flexible solution that will transform your communication solution.


Desktop App    

The desktop app's UI is easy to navigate and gives users all of their personalized communication information in one place, including video conferencing and a webphone, straight from their desktop or laptop.


Web Phone

Our web phone works like a regular phone — it can dial out, receive calls, place calls on hold, allow you to switch between two or more active calls, and so on — all while emulating your desk phone’s settings. This means you can place and receive calls on your office number even when not at the office.


Video Conferencing

Straight from the desktop app, users can start or join video conferences. Video conferencing features flexible layout options, intuitive user controls, and easy screen sharing so participants can have the optimal video conferencing experience.


Faxes, Voicemails & More

Send, receive, and manage faxes all on one screen! View call history and details including to/from, date/time, and duration. Search for a specific call in the history using the search bar or search for call history for a specific date range. See your devices well as the phone numbers and extensions assigned to you.

Get the Tools that Enhance Remote Work

Why settle for status quo when partnering with 2600Hz offers the superior remote collaboration tools your end users need?
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