Key Features


Cloud PBX

The SmartPBX app makes PBX set-up and management simple by combining all the PBX functionality you need with an intuitive, easy to use interface, providing an ideal user experience. In addition, the simple dashboard provides a quick yet comprehensive overview of system configuration and status.


User Portal

The User Portal’s UI is easy to navigate and displays all users' personalized communication information in one place. They can view corporate contacts, manage voicemails and faxes, see registered devices, and more  — without being exposed to complexities of the entire platform.


Call Management & IVRs

Everything you need to handle calls including customized IVRs and call flows. Control your call routing with over 50 options in our call handling toolbox, and chain them together to configure every step a call will take to achieve the exact flow you desire. Create the path a call takes as they traverse various features, menus and call routing settings in the system.

Account Manager

With the Accounts app, you can easily manage all of your customer accounts. Save time and reduce stress with our streamlined interface that gives you the freedom to customize account tiers and hierarchies. Add an account with the click of a button and get customers up and running quickly and efficiently



Managing one or more conferences in unison is easy and intuitive with the Conferencing app. Assign a conference bridge, phone number, and pin and start scheduling immediately. Moderators can initiate and end conferences on demand, see all activity for participants and manage microphones, all in real-time.


Presence (BLF)

View and monitor the real-time status of other account users by utilizing our extensive Presence/Busy Lamp Field capabilities.  There are a variety of different options for BLF set up and manipulation, so each user can have a customized set up based on their individual needs.  

Enhanced Features

Private Labeling

Apply your own branding throughout the platform and make this product your own. With the Branding app, you can customize many aspects of the UI, from changing the logo to managing the
e-mail notification templates.

Call Recording

Gain total control over which calls are recorded and where they are stored. The three-level hierarchy (account, user, and device) gives granular options that allow for any level of customization needed. Recordings can be easily stored and accessed locally in the UI, AWS or Google Drive.


Free your business from dependency on a single carrier’s pricing and enjoy a new level of cost control. While most services make you pay their rates and use their carrier solution, our Carriers app lets you sign your own contracts with carriers to transfer your voice traffic.

Taxes & Remittance

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to figuring out what taxes you should be charging your customers. In addition, we can remit any owed taxes to the appropriate jurisdiction on your behalf. (Available for taxes in the United States only.)

Legacy PBX SIP Trunking

With just a few clicks, you can authenticate and configure any legacy PBX. Increase revenue by selling phone service to companies using legacy PBX systems and taking on customers not looking to abandon on-premise equipment.

Call Center

Create and manage call queues as efficiently as possible to provide callers with an excellent experience. Admins can choose the best call routing strategy for their needs, use personalized hold music and create a separate escalation queue if desired.

Operator Console

Busy call-handling personnel have a friend with Operator Console! In the easy-to-use UI, you can manage inbound call traffic, make decisions on where to send them, make outbound calls, view employee status, park and route calls, and more directly in the easy-to-use UI. 

Billing & Invoicing

Bill your customers correctly every time by setting prices for recurring services and billing for usage-based services. Then, conveniently produce an invoice based on those price points.

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