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Offer unparalleled voice, data and SMS services to your customers to keep them connected on-the-go.  Join our PBX Reseller Program.

Our platform's advantages:

KAZOO offers a unique multi-tenant architecture that is distributed and highly scalable, with flexible deployments and dynamic call control managed from one intuitive interface. We give you all of the tools you need to differentiate your business from the competition and empower you to make the most money for your hard work.

  • White labeling
  • Advanced provisioning
  • Geo-redundant with failover
  • Uncapped revenue potential
  • True mobile integration enabling MVNO services
  • Bring your own carriers and devices
  • Competitive business telephony features
  • Wholesale VOIP provider

And much, much more...

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Looking for a mature, reliable solution?  KAZOO has taken an estimated 65 years of combined effort starting with its first commit in July, 2010.  It has had 25,565 commits made by 126 contributors representing 247,546 lines of code.

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Hosted Platform

Global Infrastructure

2600Hz Mobile

2600Hz’s hosted suite is the easiest way for US resellers to sell high-quality business communications services. Our turn-key platform can be customized and whitelabeled to establish and grow your business, while providing industry leading reliability and scalability.

Deploy KAZOO’s geo-redundant, clustered architecture inside your own data center and enjoy complete control over your network and carrier providers. 2600Hz offers several deployment options and installations can be highly customized to fit client requirements. Private network and international deployments are supported.

Resellers can offer their customers mobile 3G/4G voice, data and SMS services alongside with hosted KAZOO PBX services. This allows customers to have the freedom to make and receive calls from any device, while enjoying the same robust calling features they enjoy in the office.
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